• Alan Dunlop Alan Dunlop
    PFP, Mortgage Agent

    “How can I put my clients in a better financial position?”
    Having worked in the financial industry for over 10 years, this was a question I often asked myself. My background and experience allows me to create custom mortgage solutions for you, whether you are a first time homebuyer, a real estate investor or interested in consolidation. A flexible schedule, mobility and access to over 40 lenders allow me to create the perfect mortgage solution for your most precious investment. My attention to detail and my commitment to exceptional customer service will ensure that your financial goals are met in the best possible way.

    Thorsten HaelssigThorsten Haelssig
    CFP, Mortgage Agent

    I previously worked in the financial industry as a lending specialist, investment specialist and Financial Advisor. I enjoy building new relationships, getting to know my clients and helping them achieve financial success. After years of working for a large corporation I slowly realized that I could better serve my clients as an independent advisor. Having access to over 40 different lenders allows me to do what’s best for my clients, not one company. As a Certified Financial Planner I am able to give fair, objective and ethical advice without the pressure of selling a product. I strive for exceptional customer service and I am dedicated to providing my clients with only the solutions that are right for them.

    To help our clients financially prosper by providing first-rate mortgage solutions, sound financial advice and unparalleled customer service.


    We are dedicated to providing unique, high quality mortgage solutions and advice with integrity and honesty. Our customers always come first and we provide them with financing solutions that are appropriate and beneficial for their individual circumstances. We are passionate about our business and we strive to exceed expectations and deliver on what we promise. Our dedication and commitment will be reflected in every interaction. We will never stop improving. Our commitment to continuing education and development ensures that we exceed all industry standards and always provide our customers with proper, honest advice.